Mission Statement

Harvard Photonics is a student-run organization whose mission is to educate students on research related to optics and photonics. We hope to provide Harvard students who are new to the field, graduate and undergraduate alike, with opportunities to expand their interest and knowledge in research being done in the growing fields of optics and photonics both within and outside of Harvard University.

Our group is new and still growing. We are very open to working on and developing new programs, whether academic, social, outreach oriented, or anything else you can think of. If you have any suggestions or are just interested in taking part, please e-mail us at photonics@seas.harvard.edu! You can also join the mailing list to stay in touch!

Harvard Photonics Elections! - Due November 6

We are having elections for the 2014-2015 executive positions of Harvard Photonics. Being on the executive committee is an excellent way to develop your leadership skills and provide community at Harvard. You also have first say in shaping the Photonics activities of the Harvard community. In addition to standard executive positions, we are also taking nominations for point people for specific jobs. 

The broad responsibilities for each position are listed below, but the actual responsibilities will depend on who wants to take part in which roles. The goal is that if enough people take on responsibilities, the time for any one person to commit will be minimal.

If you are interested in any of these positions or roles, please contact Harvard Photonics (photonics@seas.harvard.edu) to nominate yourself with a short statement about yourself by November 6, 2014.

Elections will take place for the following positions:

***Executive board***

President - The President organizes meetings and coordinates the efforts of the group as a whole.

Vice President - The Vice President assists the President and serves as acting chair of Harvard Photonics when the President is absent.

Treasurer - The Treasurer keeps track of the Harvard Photonics bank account, reimburses people, and receives and deposits funds we receive from OSA and SPIE. The Treasurer may also play a role in obtaining funds from OSA and SPIE.

Secretary/Webmaster The Secretary keeps minutes at Harvard Photonics meetings and distributes them to the rest of the group. They are also in charge of communication with the group through emails and event promotion. 

The Webmaster maintains the Harvard Photonics website http://photonics.seas.harvard.edu/ and keeps it up to date (no coding experience required!).

Undergraduate Representative - Though Harvard Photonics is meant to be for students at every stage of their academic careers, currently its membership consists primarily of graduate students. Thus, we are also looking to have an undergraduate representative who can help advertise the organization among undergraduates and help design programs that would be of interest to undergraduate students.

***Point person positions***

For all of these, the executive board can provide logistical help if needed.

Journal Club - Keep the bi-weekly journal club going. 

Speakers - Find and contact speakers who you would want to give a talk to the Photonics and broader Harvard community. These can be research, career, job oriented, etc.

Outreach - If you are interested in coordinating and doing hands-on optics and photonics demonstrations to the broader community (K-12 schools, museum of science, adults, etc.). This is a great way to promote the importance of photonics to society, especially given that 2015 is the International Year of Light (http://www.light2015.org/Home.html).

Industrial Visits - If you want to plan a trip to any technological or industrial optics and photonics related companies in the Boston area.

Student Conferences - Help organize and plan local conferences for students from different universities. 

Miscellaneous - Any other idea you are interested in. We had a photonics Wiki-edit-a-thon recently, for example.

Please feel free to contact Harvard Photonics with any questions you may have (photonics@seas.harvard.edu)!

Remember to nominate yourself by November 6!

Stay bright,
Harvard Photonics