A quick tour of the amazing photonics research being done at Harvard University.

Eric Mazur is the dean of Applied Physics at Harvard University. He is known for his work in experimental ultrafast optics and condensed matter physics and is a national leader in science education. Among other things, his group's research focuses on the use of ultrafast pulses in the creation and study of Black Silicon, microfabrication and the design and implementation of nanophotonic devices.


Marko Lončar is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Harvard. He likes to make tiny holes in all kinds of materials (diamond and silicon in particular), and use such optical nanostructures to study, engineer and harness light-matter interactions. Examples include on-chip light generation and manipulation, sources of classical and non-classical light, reconfigurable nanophotonics, and bio-inspired optics. Major research themes in his group are Diamond Photonics and Quantum Optics, Optical Nano-Cavities & Applications, Nanoscale Opto-Mechanical Devices and Systems, and Opto-Fluidics & Sensing.